Paying the President – MakeOverMonday


This week’s MakeOverMonday challenge is a dataset from the website ProPublica.

ProPublica tracked down political and taxpayer spending at Trump properties since Trump declared his candidacy in late 2015, to May 2018.

From ProPublica:

Since Watergate, presidents have actively sought to avoid conflicts between their public responsibilities and their private interests. Every president since Jimmy Carter sold his companies or moved assets into blind trusts or broadly held investments – until now.

Donald Trump never did this, despite his expansive holdings. He stands to gain personally when groups pay his companies. Since 2015, campaign staff and government officials have spent millions at his properties. Use this interactive graphic to track the money we’ve tallied so far.

Below is a linechart representing the money that has come into Trump organization managed or branded properties from the time Trump’s candidacy was announced.

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