Makeover Monday Project – iPhone revenues

This week I decided to work on the data from the Makeover Monday Project. I used Tableau to create the visual. Using a tool like Tableau, I realized, offers great flexibility in the number of charts I can create in the exploration phase. Having created most of my ¬†previous visuals…


Visual of the Day – Fancy some beans?

Today is National Bean Day. As per Wikipedia, there are about 40,000 bean varieties in the world and only a fraction of these are mass produced for global consumption. Being a vegetarian, I am always on the look out for vegetarian protein sources. And beans are one of the best…


Visual of the Day – Bird Extinctions

The only way to learn visualization is to create more visuals. If you are like me and struggle to find data or topics to visualize, here is a project for you to work along. Visual of the Day is a project to¬†create a visual story based on the daily celebration…

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