Sketching survey data


The creative part of my brain has been asleep for a very long time ūüôĀ If you are like me, one way to get your creative juices flowing is to sketch on paper.¬†This is a post with sketches on how to visualize survey data.


A Simple Stacked Bar

A simple stacked bar and a simple survey


A survey with more categories

A survey with more categories, stacks are getting messy

Diverging Stacked Bar

Diverging stacked bar to the rescue. Positives and negatives are aligned to a center.

Diverging Stacked Bar with a neural responses

Diverging stacked bar with neutral responses. Neutral is split at the center.

Diverging Stacked Bar with a neural responses

Diverging Stacked Bar with neutral responses split at the ends.

A Clustered Bar

A clustered bar, to give that individual attention

A Clustered Bar with positives and negatives grouped

A clustered bar with all positives and all negatives grouped

Showing performance in categories

Showing performance in categories. Category/Theme can also be ranked.

Peer Comparison

Peer Comparison. How did we do compared to peers, averages?

There are so many ways to show survey data. It all depends on the story we want to tell. More on that in another post.

Are there any more sketches you would like to add?

P.S. Most of the data is fabricated.

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