Makeover Monday: How Chinese New Year compares with Thanksgiving

MOM 2019 W6


Makeover Monday Original
Original Image from Statista

What works well?

  • Good use of colors to represent US and China.
  • Inclusion of labels in the chart to clarify the numbers.
  • The labels in the chart match the colors for US and China. This makes them intuitive to read.

What does not work?

  • Comparing circles is very difficult. The charts would not be readable if not for the number labels.
  • The title can be actionable.


For this makeover, I wanted to bring in some context with population. Comparing China and US is not fair game. China’s population is at least 4 times that of US. As per the 2010 census, China’s population was 1.34 billion. US had a population of 0.31 billion at the same time.

I decided to compare the number of trips, TV viewership and Expenditure per person between the 2 countries.

Here is the makeover. Click the image to view the interactive version in Tableau.


If you want to try your own makeover, here is the data.

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