MakeoverMonday : Energy Use at 10 Downing St in 2017



What works well?

  1. Good use of colors to indicate the operational rating.
  2. The tabs for 24 hours, weekly and 4 weeks energy use are nice.
  3. Good summary of numbers at the top.

What does not work?

  1. The colors are missing a legend.
  2. The x-axis could be better, especially for 4 weeks display.
  3. The district heat and gas tabs do nothing.


For this week’s makeover, I wanted to use Tableau. Sketching a few ideas for the visualization, I was drawn towards a heat map. I started with a heat map of days vs. hour of the day. Exploring the data further, I found the monthly variation to be interesting.

10 Downing

Here is an interactive version in tableau public.

You can download the data for this makeover here.


I used a couple of resources to get this monthly heat map working.

  1. Basic structure of the heat map in tableau
  2. Month names on heat map in tableau

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