Makeover Monday: How do we really feel about women leaders?

Featured MOM 2019 W12



Analysis of the original

Here are a series of questions I use to analyse a chart.

  • Where are my eyes drawn?: My eyes are drawn to the blue arc for G7 average.
  • What works in this visual?: The circular bars are sorted. Good use of colors to represent countries and average.
  • Identify clutter, make note of anything you find confusing: Circular/radial bar charts look cool but are very hard to read. The bar lengths can be misleading because each bar is judged by its angle, not length.
  • Is the take-away action clear?: No, there is no takeaway action
  • Are pre attentive attributes used to draw user’s attention?: The use of a different color for G7 average draws user’s attention to the average.


For this makeover, I chose to focus on 2 messages.

  • The Raykjavik index for individual countries compared to average and the goal.
  • The gender dissonance in Reykjavik index.
Reykvajik Index

To show the Reykjavik index for individual countries, I used a simple bar chart but formatted it to have labels and values on the bars.

For the gender dissonance I used a range plot.

If you want to try own makeover, here is the data.

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